Arlington Heights Cop Sued Over Girl’s Rape

Officer Mark Del Boccio is being sued for letting three underage males carry away an unconscious female, who was later raped

By Britni Day

A suburban police officer’s negligence led to the rape of intoxicated girl, according to a lawsuit.

The suit filed Tuesday against the village of Arlington Heights and an Arlington Heights Police officer alleges the officer allowed three underage, intoxicated boys to carry off a heavily intoxicated girl without questions. The girl was later raped.

On May 6, 2009, Officer Mark Del Boccio, 37, was called to deal with the four underage drinkers but did not ask for their IDs, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Del Boccio spoke with 20-year-old Christoph Balodimas and two other boys as they held up the unconscious girl — identified as “Jane Doe” — because she was too intoxicated to stand.

Balodimas was on probation for armed robbery at the time.

via Arlington Heights Cop Sued Over Girl’s Rape | NBC Chicago.