Rosie O’Donnell survived a heart attack by doing 1 simple thing

Now you can protect yourself by being ready to do the same thing.

When Rosie O’Donnell suffered a heart attack, she chewed an aspirin and she credits that with helping to save her life. Now you can be ready to do the same thing by buying an At Heart® Emergency Aspirin Dispenser and keeping it close at hand. Remember, at the first onset of heart attack symptoms, the American Heart Association recommends calling 911 and chewing an aspirin tablet.

Most of the heart attacks occur when someone is away from home, and most heart attack deaths occur before the patient gets to the hospital. Keeping an At Heart® Emergency Aspirin Dispenser with you can protect you and your loved ones. So keep an At Heart® dispenser on all of your key rings, on your nightstand, in your golf bag, in your purse or briefcase. Make sure all of your loved ones have one too. Here is how to learn more about At Heart®: