Chicago Broadcasting Network Showcases Lifestyle in the Windy City

Through videos and podcasts, is striving to give a voice and added exposure to individuals and organizations who are not always in a position to get the attention they deserve, perhaps because they are emerging personalities or because their message is directed to a niche audience.

The eclectic Chicago magazine-style website is curated by Executive Producer, Reno Lovison showcasing multicultural and age-diverse people, art, music, theater, and events.

The idea of a curated experience is to see the collection through the eyes of the curator. “We want to share what we do as residents of the city and share what we think might be of interest to you as a fellow resident or visitor,” says Lovison.

Overall is “News-free” and “Sports-free” generally focusing more on lifestyle, culture, and local business that reflects the rich diversity of the city.
The website is media-driven and all of the posts contain audio and video content most of which are originally produced.

There is no intention to be comprehensive, in fact, we prefer to be a little quirky, containing a number of original theater, book and movie reviews as well as profiles on area musicians and artists or local history. 

The website itself is basically the hub for the network which also shares content with a variety of media distributors including Chicago cable television channels 19, 21(CANTV), Chicago Cable 25 and of course Youtube.

Chicago Broadcasting Network podcast can be found on all of the popular podcasting outlets including iTunes, Spotify, GooglePodcasts,,,, and others.
The Network is interested and open to sharing content with other distributors as well as receiving audio and video content from appropriate contributors.

Lovison says, “As Executive Producer, I am looking for Chicago specific stories or bigger stories that have a Chicago spin. For instance, there are book reviews and movie reviews that were not specifically Chicago oriented but I was able to find an interesting angle or aspect that made the reviews interesting to our Chicago audience.

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