Chicago murder rate the lowest since 1965

January 1, 2011 2:47 PM | No Comments

Chicago recorded 435 homicides in 2010, marking the city’s lowest murder rate in 45 years, according to preliminary statistics released Saturday by the Chicago Police Department.

The 2010 total was down from 458 in 2009 and 512 in 2008, and is the lowest since 1965 when the city had 395 murders.

The decline is part of a decade-long trend in violent crime in Chicago and across the nation. Last year, however, was marked by a significant decline in manpower as hiring slowed to a trickle. The department is down about 1,100 positions — not to mention the approximately 1,300 who are out for medical or other absences on any day.

via Chicago murder rate the lowest since 1965 – Chicago Breaking News.


  1. A great news from Chicago police department……very nice to hear that the murder rates is reduced. The murders have to be prevented completely and safety should be increased ……

  2. It is good to hear that the murder rate in Chicago has come down in the last 4.5 decade. If the crime rate in the city is coming down it shows that the police department are doing a good job and due to the less crime rate many people might move into the city.