Chicago: Organizing a Massive Anarchist Youth Liberation Event

The following is a call-out to any who could contribute ideas, contacts, or even material support to an event hoping to bring anarchy and empowerment to the kids of Chicago. Likewise, it’s an invitation to anyone in the area who would like to help more directly.

It’s time we started some real teenage rebellion instead of having it sold to us from Hot Topic. After some discussions and dropping intriguing hints to our friends, we kids in the Sort Sol Collective have decided on our plan: as an alternative to the massive consumerist, school-chaperoned(-policed) spectacle of alienation and intoxication that is school prom, we’ll have a massive anarchist event put together by and for youth, to display the power we have (and what more we should have) over our own lives and extend a hand to our fellow teenagers who don’t want to spend another day dying in a classroom in preparation for the same in a storefront or office, who could benefit from the knowledge and support of a community of people who’ve made it their explicit goal to combat these institutions.

via Chicago: Organizing a Massive Anarchist Youth Liberation Event – Infoshop News.