Let’s talk about packing pistols in Chicago

This is Otis McDonald, the face of the gun-lobby lawsuit now before the U.S. Supreme Court that will likely overturn Chicago’s handgun ban. I spent an afternoon with him to hear exactly why a black, liberal Democrat would side with the gun lobby. I expected the 76-year-old grandfather to spew a load of conservative gun-nut propaganda. Instead, Mr. McDonald told me the story of his life over slices of venison bologna and in-between calls from his lawyer, Alan Gura.

Mr. McDonald message was clear: It’s unfair to force an elderly man and his wife to sit inside their home defenseless when neighborhood criminals all around them are armed with a cache of weapons the size of a small militia.

For me– a guy who’s never shot a gun but lives in a shoot-em-up part of town — Mr. McDonald’s calm, reasoned insights were eye opening.

Here’s Mr. McDonald’s story.

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