Commercial Cleaning Services

Welcome to Sweep Home Chicago! Here we offer you exclusive house cleaning services, office cleaning, and also maid services in Chicago, Illinois.

We are basically a family-owned residential house cleaning and commercial cleaning company based right here in Illinois, Chicago.

We offer commercial cleaning services in, Residential House Cleaning services, Green House Cleaning, Move In/Out Cleaning Services, Commercial and Office Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Condo Association Cleaning.

If you have been looking for commercial cleaners in Chicago, we’ll have you know that we are the best in Chicago. We offer a through commercial clean to all large or small business, big or small offices, and other corporate entities. Furthermore, our services are not limited to corporations. We also offer our cleaning services to shopping malls, restaurants, and also events which end up generating a lot of traffic and with traffic also comes trash. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for a quick clean up after a certain commercial event for example a music concert or even a festival, we offer you just that.

In a windy city like Illinois, a through clean happens to be a must for most commercial places. We take care of all your through and deep cleaning needs with a complete professional attitude. We offer our commercial services at very competitive and affordable prices. And if you want, we can also tailor our services to meet your specific needs and requirements. Furthermore, our cleaning services are completely insured. We offer a quick response time, let you schedule according to your time frame, we can also reschedule if you want. Therefore, we are very flexible that way.

Just to give you an idea, our Commercial Cleaning Services Include:

Offices and Hallways:

  • We sweep, mop or vacuum all floors, rugs and carpets
  • We clean all the mirrors, windows, windowsills, baseboards, ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • We dust and clean all the picture frames and lamp shades
  • Throw away all trash

Cubicles and Lobby

  • We sweep, mop and vacuum all floors, rugs and carpets
  • Dust and clean all the room furnishings
  • Disinfect all phones
  • Throw away all trash

Kitchen area

  • Dust the exterior of all the major appliances
  • Clean and polish  the exteriors and interiors of microwaves, cabinets and drawers
  • Wipe all countertops, tables and chairs
  • Clean and sanitize sinks


  • We wipe all the countertops
  • Clean and sterilize sinks and toilets
  • take away trash
  • Mop the floors

In a windy city like Illinois, most commercial property and offices need a good clean from time to time., Whether your property is an office, a restaurant, a pub, bar, an outlet, a shop or even an entire shopping mall,  we at Sweep Home Chicago guarantee top notch cleaning services.

We keep introducing new technology and new and effective ways of cleaning. We guarantee complete satisfaction as we greatly value our customers and customer satisfaction is one of our main goals. Therefore, we aim not to disappoint.