Having a Destination Wedding in Chicago 

Chicago is a popular city for destination weddings for many different reasons. From the number of venues available to the surplus of talented entertainers, couples having a destination wedding in Chicago will find the planning process easy because they have so many options.

Due to its popularity as a wedding locale, the venue for a destination wedding often must be reserved up to one and a half years in advance. Downtown Chicago offers many venue options, most of which are booked solid at any given time. The urban feel of Chicago in general and Downtown Chicago specifically makes it the ideal location for a destination wedding. With a vast dining and entertainment area, Downtown Chicago is the most popular part of Chicago among couples all over the country.

The Chicago Midway Hotel Center is an ideal location for destination weddings because it is located close to the Midway Airport. Only a few miles from Downtown Chicago, this venue is also chosen by many out of town couples.

When it comes to booking entertainment for a destination wedding in Chicago, The Dan Hayes Orchestra is a popular choice due to its reputation for performing at many weddings throughout the city. This orchestra can play almost any type of music, giving couples flexibility in planning their wedding reception.

For couples on a budget there are several venues in Chicago that specialize in accommodating small weddings. This includes RoSale’s, the Catalyst Ranch, the Irish American Heritage Center and the Mayfield Banquet Facility. Each of these venues offers on site catering at reasonable prices.

More expensive Chicago destination weddings are often held at the Silverlake Country Club and onboard the Odyssey Cruise Line. The Eaglewood Resort & Spa also accommodates high end weddings in Chicago. On a 106 acre property, the resort boasts a rooftop terrace and several ballrooms. Couples can choose from several wedding packages and can even get recommendations for vendors.

Metropolitan Chicago is home to popular destination wedding venues such as the Grove Redfield Estate. The covered pavilion is the perfect place for a large wedding reception. In general this venue must be booked two years in advance. It can accommodate indoor weddings of up to 125 people, but they also have very high standards. For instance, you must buy premium wedding sparklers if you plan to use them for your grand exit because they only allow certain reputable brands to be used. Though there’s a few hoops to jump through, these restrictions make for an absolutely unforgettable wedding experience.

Same sex weddings are permitted in Chicago, and many couples living outside of Illinois have taken advantage of this opportunity. When searching for a venue, vendors and entertainment, same sex couples generally don’t need to worry about being discriminated against in Chicago. Before getting married in Chicago all couples must obtain their marriage license and cannot use it until at least 24 hours after receiving it.

There are endless possibilities for couples having a destination wedding in Chicago. Many couples get married in the city throughout the year and couples come from all over the country to marry there. Planning a Chicago destination wedding is something that couples will find they can easily do from far away. The city of Chicago has much to offer to couples.