Full-Body Scanner Unveiled at Midway Airport in Chicago

Full-Body Scanner Deployed at Midway Airport

Updated: Wednesday, 15 Dec 2010, 12:29 PM CS Associated Press

Chicago’s Midway Airport is joining the long list of airports that have deployed full-body scanners.

They’re designed to detect nonmetallic weapons. But some travelers complain the scanners are unnecessarily intrusive and embarrassing. Other critics say the x-ray type pictures they take amount to “virtual strip searches.”

Not all air travelers are selected for full-body scans. The majority are required only to walk through more common metal detectors.

The TSA says the new Midway scanner was bought using federal stimulus money.

Full-Body Scanner Unveiled at Midway Airport in Chicago

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  1. The machines are freakishly accurate, I had a standard sized tube of chap stick in my right jean pocket and they asked if I was carrying a tube of something in my right pocket. With the ceramic knives and plastic guns on the market these days, I’m all for it.