Get Rebates on a New Furnace Replacement Before End of 2012

October 2, 2012 – With the winter season coming, many households would expect their energy consumption to increase as they would use heating appliance more often. And so, they would look for ways to lower their monthly natural gas bill. The premier heating and air-conditioning firm, Around the Town Heating & Cooling, had recently launched their website to feature their new Holiday Bonus Program to help homeowners lower their gas bill. Those customers who participate in the 2012 End of Year program can get a chance to get rebates from $100 to $500. This program is supported by the North Shore Gas Saving Programs and The People Gas in their effort to assist customers in replacing their old furnaces with the latest energy-saving models. Interested applicants may just download the application forms on the said organizations’ websites or just contact the company.

The new furnaces offered at Around the Town Heating & Cooling are designed to attain efficiencies as high as 97 percent. They are also sized properly to ensure that they will operate most efficiently. The modern furnaces with sealed combustion have no risk of bringing hazardous combustion gases into the house or a building. They can also help save customers on money in terms of fuel costs over the 20 years lifespan of the furnace. This makes new high-efficient furnaces a very practical investment for people, especially for those who live in the temperate region. With that, the company continues to make furnaces by highly trained technicians who are dedicated to deliver the best service possible. No wonder the company receives worthy praises from their previous clients every year.

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