John Kass: The Chicago, and Daley, Way

Early history? You mean like Thursday, when the federal grand jury indicted the former business partner of the mayor’s son over that city sewer contract deal?

The Daley boys are adept and skillful and ruthless in the pursuit of power and treasure. The family has controlled Chicago and Cook County for more than half a century. The Daleys are without doubt the best politicians on the planet.

Obama knows this. And because he wants to get re-elected in 2012, he’ll keep the Daleys around him.

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  1. Perfect example of the abuse of power by politicians. Our general perception is that the third world country politicians are corrupted. But now we see that America is also on the same line.

  2. this is a perfect example of the thing how to misuse you richness and political connections. the rich guys are using their richness and political connections to find their way in politics and by their richness they were supported by the politicians.