Kane County Officials Harass Citizen

In a sliver of unincorporated St. Charles, near the village of Wayne, there’s a home owned by a man with a love for antique vehicles. Kane County officials say the homeowner has crossed the line between collecting cars and creating a community eyesore.

“It looks like a junkyard,” county board member John Hoscheit said. “This is a circumstance that I think is overboard.”

Officials did not name the homeowner but said they’ve visited the property several times in hopes of addressing the situation. However, they lack the tools to do much about it. County laws don’t place a limit on the number of vehicles that can be on a property as long as they are in operable condition and parked on an “improved” surface such as a paved or gravel driveway. The cars on the property in question aren’t pretty, officials said, but they do start and move forward and backward.

Hoscheit said that’s not good enough. He wants to change county law to limit the number of vehicles any home can have outside.

Kane County to crack down on car hoarding