Press conference

For immediate release

Contact: Raul Montes, Jr.

Activists and residents angered at City of Chicago/ CDOT negligent derelict after being warned of thousands of corroded light poles that are still unfixed and continue to deteriorate and collapse; Want City of Chicago and CDOT to allocate resources to replace new light poles for public safety reasons

What: Press conference

When: Monday, February 21, 2022

Where: Norwood Park Elementary School 5900 N Nina Avenue
Chicago, IL 60631

Time: 12:00 p.m.

Chicago, IL- There are more than 330,000 city light poles in the City of Chicago that are illuminating neighborhoods to keep us safe. Of the 330,000 in our city more than 33,000 light poles which is 10% have some serious sort of problem that post a hazard to the general public. More than 22,000 Light poles have rust on them meaning they are corroded.

CDOT hired a subcontractor to visually inspect each one in 2017 and 2018. The survey costed more than $2.5 million and was conducted as part of the city smart lighting projects according to records. Auditors provided each light pole with the reading or graded across multiple categories, rust, general damage, and damage to the anchor bolts.

The city department responsible for maintaining the infrastructure was warned about these concerning polls, but has failed to repair or replace many of them that are posting hazard and risk to many people and students throughout the City of Chicago. Community activist Raul Montes, Jr. states “this is totally beyond comprehension and negligent derelict”. Among 947 badly rated light poles in Norwood Park one of them on North West Circle Avenue is still standing near Norwood Park Elementary. On Sunday some more light poles fell and were reported in the Rogers Park area. There have been many injuries and some deaths due to deteriorated light poles that have collapsed and fell on people and vehicles in the past.

On Monday, activists will spearhead a press conference by Norwood Park elementary school demanding that CDOT and the City of Chicago allocate resources to install new city light poles that are corroded to prevent further liability and for public safety reasons.