Skinny Charge – The Instant Battery Charger that Slips Neatly into your Wallet.


An Indiegogo Campaign.

It is a very refreshing change these days to be able to look at a new gadget and say to yourself “I get it”, or “That’s clever”, let alone “I could really do with one of those”. Well the Skinny Charge would seem to evoke all three of those sentiments without prompting. It is practical, it is useful, and above all else, it is small. There is an old proverb along the lines of “Beautiful things come in small packages” but in today’s modern IT world, perhaps ‘Useful’ could be added to ‘Beautiful’. The Skinny Charge is, if nothing else, extremely useful and its beauty comes not from its looks, but the fact it fits neatly into a wallet. Practical, useful, unobtrusive and effective sum up the Skinny Charge perfectly.


So what is so special about the Skinny Charge? Well, for a start, the amount of charge that can be stored in such a small package. For most smartphones, the Skinny Charge can provide as much as an additional half a battery charge, so it is not an ‘emergency call only’ backup. Yes, you’ll find you’ll need it in an emergency, but that emergency is when your phone dies and you have to make an urgent call, then another, and wait for someone to call you back. With the Skinny Charge you don’t have to check the battery life every minute once you have used it!

The Skinny Charge is designed to specifically for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. However it also has micro USB ports enabling you to charge any other mobile phone that has a micro USB cable, this includes most Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy etc. The battery is no cheap one either. It is a 450mah Samsung battery, and rather than use low-grade plastic, the casing is made of rubberised plastic to make it appreciably more durable and longer lasting. As many of us know, you can use your smartphone as a torch, well you can until the battery dies anyway. Because you can never guarantee when your phone is going to die, the creator of the Skinny Charge has even included an LED torch within the structure, which is pretty remarkable in itself, and impressively bright too! In this day and age where everything is stripped back to the bare minimum in an attempt to drive down costs, it is actually refreshing to see a product that has adopted a more practical and sensible approach to the design.

Function_2So, eighteen months in the making and after considerable market research, Jason Mainella, the designer and creator of the Skinny charge, has now launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign in order to substantially reduce the manufacturing price per unit with a bulk purchase. This will consequently enabling Jason to market the Skinny Charge at a price which sits well with an essential and practical purchase cost, as opposed to a whim or luxury purchase. The campaign has a target of $10,000 to be raised by the 14th October 2014 and is already generating keen interest. Perhaps, for once, it is beneficial for investors in an Indiegogo project to be able to see a profit being made from their investment, with opportunities to invest ranging from CAD$29.00 to CAD$2,000

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