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Cops dodge questions in David Koschman homicide case

We’ve hit what I call the “FOIA Stone Wall.” “FOIA” stands for the Freedom of Information Act, one of the most important tools in a reporter’s toolbox when it comes to finding out what government knew and when it knew it. Authorities, by law, are obligated to respond. But in …

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Reporter Mick Dumke Sues City Of Chicago Over FOIA Rejections

The Huffington Post Jen Sabella For years, the Chicago Reader’s Mick Dumke has been reporting on everything from the city’s misuse of TIF funds to its lack of recycling. Shedding light on the city’s shortcomings is definitely a way to get on Mayor Daley’s nerves (as most Chicago journalists know) …

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The Chicago Way: City Hall Hired 139 Ex-Cons in Two-year Span

Carjackers, drug dealers, cop shooters. What have they all got in common? They’re now working for the City of Chicago. I’m wondering how much time Obama pal Tony Rezko has left to serve in prison. No doubt Mayor Rahm will do his old boss a favor and hire him when …

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