Young Ron Paul volunteers descend on Iowa

Scott Conroy
This article originally appeared on RealClearPolitics.

NEWTON, Iowa — As they waited for a bus dubbed the “Constitution Coach” to pick them up at the Des Moines airport and bring them to their makeshift lodgings late Tuesday, about two-dozen college-aged Ron Paul volunteers mingled in the cold night air.

The sudden appearance of a reporter’s notebook and tape recorder drew comments befitting a group of young people who proudly wear their skepticism on their sleeves.

“What’s the article you’re going to be writing, man?”

“Yeah, what’s the spin, bro?”

Asked where they had flown in from, the answers ranged from California to Virginia — with one twenty-something purporting to have made the trip from Brazil to help Paul win the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday.


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  1. Lets all get to work! RP 2012!