Audit: About 1,400 city stickers ‘missing’

November 19, 2010

Nearly 1,400 city stickers are “missing” and unaccounted for — at a potential loss to Chicago taxpayers of $134,325 — because of lax internal controls and sloppy record-keeping at a satellite city clerk’s office where residents paid $3.9 million last year to purchase city stickers, passports and residential parking permits and dog licenses, a new audit shows.

City Clerk Miguel del Valle requested the audit in 2006 and insisted that the deficiencies identified by Inspector General Joe Ferguson have since been corrected by an electronic cashiering system that “virtually eliminates the chance for any error in the cashiering and selling of city stickers.” The audit covered a 2 1/2 year period that started before del Valle took office in late 2006. It continued through 2008.

Audit: About 1,400 city stickers ‘missing’ :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: City Hall.