Chicago Boiler Repair

Chicago boiler repair

The Boiler for a hydronic system must be mounted level.

All local code and requirements must be checked and followed.

  1. After a system is installed, it should be checked before it is put into service. The procedure used to check the new boiler is commonly  referred to as “boiling out.” The water to be used should be analyzed. A preventative maintenance solution should be added. The fluxes, pipe joint compounds, and cutting oils sometimes form gases in a system. Dirt, sand, steel thread chips, solder bits, or sawing and filing chips may erode the system. They may also clog screens. Dirt and chips also ruin valves and pump seals.
  2. Fill the system with water. Add about one pound of trisodium phosphate for each 50 gallons of water. Circulate for about four hours, then drain. Clean the screens and fill the system with water. It is then ready to operate. A card with a record of past maintenance should be included. A list of future treatment procedures should also be included.
  3. Unless the pump seals leak and the vents are used quite often, avoid treating the water with chemicals. The chemicals may  injure seals and valves. Avoid using phosphates and polyphosphates. Do not use over 300 ppm of chromates or over 500 ppm of nitrates.
  4. Organic growth can be controlled by using sodium pentachlorophenate.

It is best to consult a HVAC & boiler expert before attempting boiler water treatment.

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