Chicago’s Godfather Emanuel Doubles and Triples Fines for Minor Offenses

RAN SPIELMAN The Chicago Sun-Times November 7, 2011

Editor’s note: Allowing weeds to grow will cost residents between $600-to-$1,200-a-day.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has said his plan to raise taxes, fines and fees by $220 million in 2012 includes higher fines for a laundry list of offenses, but he has yet to air that laundry list.
Now, the mayor’s 2012 revenue ordinance makes the details public. It’s a doozy.

If your car is impounded for carrying drugs, driving drunk, soliciting a prostitute or carrying a firearm registered to someone other than the driver, the penalty will double — to $2,000. But, if the violations occur within 500 feet of a park or school, the fine will triple — to $3,000.