Illinois House Passes Smoking Exemption for Casinos

Kyle Hillman: Always Bet on Money

It is one of those bills the average person finds hard to believe. In a state controlled by Democrats at all three levels, the corporation still finds a way to win. This wackiness can’t be blamed on a Republican overreach, like we’ve seen on Wisconsin televisions, as it took eighteen Democrats (who voted to ban smoking in 2007) to switch their vote to pass this exception.

The state of Illinois passed the Smoke Free Illinois Act in 2007, which banned smoking from all indoor workplaces and places of public access (bars, casinos, restaurants, etc). For those of you who don’t smoke (including myself) it was seen as a progressive cost-saving achievement in the state. It not only meant that you didn’t have to come home from the bar smelling like a pack of menthols, it meant reduced access to secondhand smoke and the risks of cancer and other health ailments associated with exposure.

via Kyle Hillman: Always Bet on Money — Illinois House Passes Smoking Exemption for Casinos.

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