INSIDE THE CHI from Joseph Le

INSIDE THE CHI from Joseph Le on Vimeo.

Fragmented memories of my urban explorations in Chicago.

Experimental editing style inspired by Leonardo Dalessandri’s “Watchtower of Turkey”:
Shot with the Nikon D5000 (

Thank you Alex Au ( for being a good host and Halemah Ibrahim ( for the inspiration. Also, shout out to my bro Vinh Le ( for constructive criticism and letting me borrow 35 + 50 mm prime lenses.

Music by:
Frank Sinatra – “My Kind of Town”
Blackxout – “Rise”
Blackxout – “Faded Dreams”
Jeffrey Brodsky – “Starving Artist”
Neka & Kahlo – “Progress Trap”
Yello – “Oh Yeah [Remix by Voytek Pavlik]”

Sounds found on
Additional foley recorded by Alex Au