Odd geography in new Illinois congressional map

Millions of constituents will find their representative has changed
By Rick Pearson, Chicago Tribune reporter February 20, 2012

During his three decades in Elmhurst, John Morrissey has been comfortable being represented in Washington by a generation of conservative congressmen.

Now the retired 61-year-old business manager is coming to the realization that after having been a constituent of the late conservative icon Henry Hyde and current House Republican Chief Deputy Majority Whip Peter Roskam, his next representative in Congress is likely to be Mike Quigley, a liberal Democrat from Chicago’s North Side.

“It’s probably not good for Elmhurst to be tied to the North Side of Chicago,” said Morrissey, a member of Elmhurst’s library board and a Republican precinct captain for the last 10 years. “It’s not just a different set of interests, but it’s also the way Chicago politics is run.”


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  1. I’ll amazed at the bias shown by Chicago Press in reporting cases about Illinois Eavesdropp­ing Law. In Cook County there were three Eavesdropp­ing Cases: People v. Moore, People v. Drew and People v. Melongo. In the first case, the jury acquitted the defendant. In the last two cases, there are pending motions to dismiss. However, the Chicago Press has completely ignored the Melongo’s case and focused all its attention on the Drew’s case. Melongo recorded conversati­ons with Pamela Taylor for an allegedly altered court transcript­. Mrs. Taylor is a public official working at the criminal located at 2600th California Ave. Melongo has spent 22 months in jail for this offense, is currently out on house arrest, yet the local press in all of its many articles, has completely ignored the Melongo’s case. Why? Maybe there’s a great bias in the press against police to the extend that it has turned a blind eye on the integrity of reporting the news. If it wants to report news related to the Eavesdropp­ing Law, then by all means, it should report ALL of it; I’m extremely shocked at what’s happening here.

    Melongo’s Motion to dismiss: http://www­.scribd.co­m/doc/8109­6353/Amend­ed-Motion-­To-Dismiss­-Illinois-­Eavesdropp­ing-Case

    State response’s to Melongo’s motion: http://www­.scribd.co­m/doc/8175­0317/State­-Response-­Amended-Mo­tion

    Melongo’s arguments on her motion to dismiss will be heard on March 13th, 2012. The presiding judge is Goebel.

    That’s what mean being impartial. Tell the ENTIRE story. Not just a snippet of it.