State Rep. Ramey charged with DUI

DuPage County Republican chairman and state Rep. Randy Ramey was charged Sunday with driving under the influence of alcohol.

Ramey, of Carol Stream, took responsibility in a statement.

“On Sunday morning I was issued a citation by the Carol Stream Police Department for driving under the influence of alcohol,” Ramey said in the statement. “I regret and take full responsibility for my actions, and I am prepared to face the consequences. I am deeply sorry to disappoint my family and my constituents.”

Carol Stream Police Chief Kevin Orr said Ramey was stopped at 2:10 a.m. Sunday because “he was basically crossing over the centerline on Lies Road” near Bedford Drive.

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  1. As an overtaxed resident of Carol Stream I would like to point out this may be a high water mark in Rameys public service. I do not understand the logic of my constiuants reelecting these self serving, sorry, excuses for public servants year after year. Zuruba, Zay, Milner, Savino, Kennedy and all the layers of FILTH need to go. Think about the extravagant pentions, salaries, perks,and be brnofits these treasonous Orligarchs have set up for themselves next time you get your property taxes , ect and do something about it !

  2. Had Ramey ran his car off a bridge leaving a woman for dead how many of you would allow the media to convince you to adore him? Ted the swimmer Kennedy could do no wrong. The media works in concert with the elite to make or break individuals. The pensions, voting record, and character of the Rameys of Illinois should be much more exposed in the media.