The Gift of Communication


We go to school to learn. The objective is that we prepare ourselves for life as adults. Think about it for a few seconds…what is the single most important skill you learned throughout your schooling? If we think honestly about it, the single most relied upon skill that we use in our lives is one that is not emphasized in the vast majority of school systems. Communication! Professor Peaches, a new player in the education space aims to radically elevate the focus given to communication and interpersonal skills –

Schools are focused on teaching children within a rigid framework centered on grades and rote learning subjects. They do the best they can but ultimately funnel students through a burdened system. Students get through their schooling lives without the necessary focus on what is arguably the most important skill they need for the real world. Do they possess the communication and interpersonal skills demanded of them? It is such a terrible reality that each year literally millions of children miss out on developing their communication skills. For many of these children this lost opportunity is a life sentence.

Professor Peaches will be opening its doors to elementary students this coming August, beginning first in the city of Chicago. “We believe very passionately in helping children develop strong communication skills from a young age,” shares Kimberly Glazier, co-founder of Professor Peaches. “The importance and life-long benefits garnered from being able to express yourself and speak comfortably and confidently with others are simply profound.”

Professor Peaches will offer elementary students the ability to hone their verbal and non-verbal communication skills in the Companies’ centers. “We are very excited and proud of the program we have created. It is a comprehensive and holistic curriculum designed to empower children by giving them the communication tools needed to succeed in life,” said Kimberly.

It is exciting to see such development in the education space. The offering from Professor Peaches stands to make a big difference in so many people’s lives.

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