Chicago ‘NATO 3’ trial limits public access

BY David Shapiro and Alan Mills

If you want to observe Tuesday’s trial of the protesters known as the NATO 3, be prepared for an inconvenience of unusual proportions even by government standards and don’t be surprised if the door is shut to you.

According to an oral ruling by the trial judge, Thaddeus L. Wilson, and a press release from Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, members of the public who want to attend must make two trips to the out-of-the way courthouse at 26th and California. They must be there a day before to register in person and submit to a background check and return the next day in hopes of landing one the unknown number of limited seats available to the public. A rule against the public taking notes was imposed or at least considered, and then, fortunately, rescinded.

Chicago ‘NATO 3’ trial limits public access

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  1. Our staff has been following this story closely. I think we’ll publish our own post on it over the weekend. I’ll be sure to email you guys a link so you can check it out 🙂