Chicago Website Designers for Small Businesses

Small business owners can utilize the help of experienced web designers to analyze and improve their websites. Small businesses need to have high-quality websites that look as good or better than that of their competitors. You must pay careful attention to every detail on the website and all of the content contained on it. Arrange content so that it is easy to find.

Your web design starts with your logo. Today with social media, it’s best to keep your logo in a square format to look good on all social media networks. Your logo should look good on a tiny cell phone screen or print it out large of a banner. It should also look great in black-and-white or with color.

You can consult with your web designer to help find the best web hosting platform and suggestions on a great domain name to use for your business if you don’t have one already.

  1. Navigation must be clear and concise.
  2. Graphics must be high quality and look professional.
  3. Typography should be clean, crisp, and match the feel of your business.

Your small business website should look great on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Always take the time to test your site on each type of device.

Your contact form on your website is crucial. It is essential to have an anti-spam function built-in so you do not get inundated with automated form submissions.

Chicago web designers for small businesses
Chicago web designers for small businesses

The about page on your website should provide a brief synopsis of your business and include an overview of the services or products you provide. You can include a brief history of your business and short biographies of founders and employees. Describe the reason for starting the business and when the company started.

An experienced web designer can Help put this information together for you quickly and in an aesthetically pleasing format. They can also include the proper meta-data to help your content appear prominently in search engines through search engine optimization (SEO).

It’s a good idea to include video and your website today, and most web designers have the software and capabilities to edit and produce high-quality videos for the web.

It would be best if you started creating an email contact list and storing the email addresses of potential clients or customers. Your website can allow visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter or updates about your business.

Create social media profiles on all the leading social media accounts for visitors to your website who would like to subscribe where that manner. You can then set up your website blog to syndicate out to all social media platforms whenever you post to it.

You can accomplish building a website on your own through careful research, but it is much easier to hire an experienced web designer to get this accomplished quickly. Choose a web designer with an extensive portfolio of high-quality clients similar to the look and feel you want for your website.

Chicago web designers for small businesses