Reporter Wiliam J. Kelly asks Sen. Dick Durbin if he takes any responsibility for the downgrade. Another Chicago “reporter” – Jim Anderson from the Illinois Radio Network – interrupts him and Kelly gets escorted out by a Secret Service Agent – even though he is press in violation of his first amendment rights. Later, Durbin says to the Chicago media press corp – ABC, NBC, CBS, Tribune, Sun-Times, etc. “you guys aren’t going to cover this are you?” They comply. More news tampering in Chicago.

Kelly is a social journalist for the Washington Times Communities and contributes to the American Spectator, Breitbart.com, and the Truth in Broadcasting Network.

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  1. I spoke with a representative of City Club of Chicago today. They said they do not have a press check in. Everyone is invited to ask questions. All events are open to the media and Mr. Kelly had the right to be at the event and ask questions.