Our Representatives are sponsoring CISPA

The US House is considering a bill called CISPA that is a gross violation of our privacy rights. According to the ACLU it would “let military agencies such as the National Security Agency directly collect the Internet records of American citizens who use the public, domestic, civilian Internet” and “use the private information it collects about us for any purpose it deems fit” ref

If you live in the Wicker Park area like me, your representative is Luis Gutierrez. I just called his DC office, and found out he is a co-sponsor of CISPA. I don’t know about the positions of the other Chicago-area representatives.

If you care about your privacy, and about keeping military intelligence out of your life…

1) Find out who your US House Rep is

2) Look for the phone number of his/her Washington DC office, with a 202 area code.

3) Call, find out from the staffer who answers the phone where your representative stands on CISPA, and tell them your opinion of the bill.

At least for Rep. Gutierrez, his staffer was very polite, asked for my name and zip code, and said they were listening closely to constituent calls.

This is the first time I’ve ever called my elected official to voice my concern about anything. It took all of 45 seconds.

Take action to protect our 1st and 4th amendment rights!