You can’t own a monkey anymore

2011 Brings New Illinois Laws on Campaign Donations, Monkeys and Sexting

You can’t own a monkey anymore, unless you get one before the law takes affect. There is an exemption for people with disabilities.

Another law means factory-built homes on private land will now be taxed as real property. Up until now those homes have been taxed at a much lower rate. Some owners will see their tax bill jump from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. The new law does not affect units in mobile home parks.

It will be against the law to have public money finance a portrait of Governor Rod Blagojevich or any governor who was removed from office by impeachment and conviction.

A big change is there will be limits on campaign contributions. Individuals can give $5,000, corporations and unions can donate $10,000 to candidates.

Other requirements on Jan. 1 include sports agents and hair braiders having to register with the state, and if you are a driving instructor, you must be sober when teaching someone how to drive. That includes family members.

via 2011 Brings New Illinois Laws on Campaign Donations, Monkeys and Sexting.

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  1. It is amazing to me how crazy some laws are. An exception for owning monkeys if you have disabilities? I’m curious about that one. Are monkeys trained to be like a seeing eye dog? Actually, I guess I can understand that.

    But then there is the one about being sober to teach people how to drive. Now that’s a law that should have been in effect since the automobile was invented.