Chicago City Council considers electric fences

The Chicago City Council is considering a measure that would allow businesses in the city to install non-lethal electric security fences.

The proposal would allow the fences if they don’t border residential or public areas, are surrounded by non-electric perimeter fences and bear posted warnings.

The Chicago Tribune says the fences send 7,000-volt jolts every 1.3 seconds. By comparison, a Taser delivers a 50,000-volt jolt 21 times a second.

The fences are allowed in California, and such Illinois communities as Bolingbrook, Elmhurst, Rockford and Schaumburg. They also are allowed at railroad facilities in Chicago.

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  1. At first I thought that this would make the city look like a zoo… Gotta practice that speed reading 🙂 Anyway, this isn’t the worst idea ever, but it’s probbably just an introduction into something bigger…