College of Dupage President’s Truth Rating hits Rock Bottom


With another review of the words spewed from Dr. Breuder, College of DuPage President, it is pretty clear his “Truth Rating” (“TR”) has dropped to a level never before seen.

Breuder made claims that expenditures for his private hunt club was for things like off site meetings and fund raisers, so we decided to once again attempt to validate his words.

  • “Since 2009, $26,133.83 has been spent, in accordance with College protocol, by College of DuPage for offsite meetings and fundraising events for the primary purpose of raising money and developing friendships that can benefit COD.”

Considering meetings of public bodies are required to have minutes a logical conclusion would be that minutes were in fact kept, agreed?  I asked for them and as expected, no minutes from ANY meeting held at Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation.

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I also asked for a copy of all fundraising documentation to include public announcements, advertisements, expenditures, and revenues earned from all fundraising events held at Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation since 2009.  Now you would think when a President of a College makes a claim that they held fundraising events at a location there would be some kind of documentation to support such a claim.  You know, like a single announcement, advertisement or something.

Nope!  Not a single document was provided to support his claim that they spent COD money on fundraising events.

Breuder has once again shown a level of incompetence I don’t think we have ever seen in a public body.  Each and every time this guy runs his mouth in his weekly newsletter it has exposed even more inconsistencies and arguably outright lies.

I suspect about now there are some back door dealings with a lot of officials tied to COD that are trying to figure a way to put this fire out.  A fire that gets new kindling every week by Breuder.

Once again, I urge Dr. Breuder to resign and/or the board to fire him for his actions.